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Bestselling Medical Thrillers  

Fear courses through the narrative, unhinging the characters. It leaks through the government, corrupts the body politic and infects the nation. It is fear, too, tinged with curiosity, that keeps the reader turning the pages. (White Death)
The Independent

McClure writes the sort of medical thrillers which are just too close to plausibility for comfort. (The Eye of the Raven)
Birminham Post

A plausible scientific thriller... McClure is a rival for Michael Crichton. Gripping. (The Gulf Conspiracy)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph

Contemporary and controverial, this is a white knuckle ride of a thriller. (Past Lives)
Scottish Field

Well wrought, plausible and unnerving. (Tangled Web)
The Times

Ken McClure . . .looks set to join the A-list at the top of the medical thriller field
The Glasgow Herald

McClure's intelligence and familiarity with microbiology enables him to make accurate predictions. Using his knowledge, he is deciding what could happen, then showing how it might happen... It is McClure's creative interpretation of the material that makes his books so interesting.
The Guardian.

Ken McClure explains contagious illness in everyday language that makes you hold your breath in case you catch them. His forte is to take an outside-chance medical possibility, decide on the worst possible outcome… and write a book.
The Scotsman

Original in conception… its execution is brilliantly done… plot and sub plot are structured with skill… the whole thing grabs the attention as it hurtles to its terrifying climax (Requiem)
Independent Newspapers (Ireland)

Absolutely enthralling. (Crisis)
Medical Journal

It is intensely factual and that is why the fiction he writes is so horrifying.
Manchester Evening News

Pacy thrillers from Scotland's own Michael Crichton.
Aberdeen Evening Express