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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ken McClure's background?
Ken McClure was born and brought up in Edinburgh where he enjoyed a childhood playing happily on the banks of the Union Canal during the fifties. He went to Craiglockhart Primary School where one of his teachers was Norman MacCaig, a man who was to become a Scottish literary giant in later years and whom Ken says introduced him to sarcasm! He then went on to Boroughmuir High School where, through another quirk of fate, his English teacher was yet another of Scotland's great literary figures, Sorley Maclean, a gentle man whom he remembers with great fondness.

Has he always earned by writing?
No. Ken McClure initially signed up with the Merchant Navy before the threat of 18 months on South Georgia forced him to turn to the guitar for employment. He then became a very junior lab technician at Edinburgh's City Hospital where he was to meet Dr Archie Wallace. Described by Ken as the finest person he ever met, Archie Wallace persuaded him that he should be 'all he could be in life' and he set out on a course of self education through night school - eight nights a week as he remembers. This was to lead on to study as an external postgraduate student of the Open University seconded to Edinburgh University where he gained a PhD in molecular genetics.
Ken's thesis went on to win the Difco Triennial Prize for research in microbiology in 1980. He turned to writing full time in 2000.

When did Ken McClure start writing?
During his time with the Medical Research Council of Great Britain, Ken undertook research internationally and as a result found himself alone in alien situations. One particularly adventure strewn trip to - Tel Aviv University -found him scribbling notes into the wee, small hours. He had caught the bug, and upon his return to the UK, he worked the notes up into what became The Scorpion's Advance. There are now over a dozen McClure thrillers either on sale or in the pipeline. Each, in turn, has become an International bestseller and his works have been translated into over 20 languages.

Where can I get Ken McClure's older books?
If your local bookstore cannot order any McClure title, you might like to try an online store like Amazon (who have variable supplies) or you could try contacting McClure's UK publisher, Allison and Busby, directly!

Can I order direct from
Since there are paperback versions of previously unavailable titles available now exclusively through Amazon, there should be no need. Visit the Ken McClure profile page on Amazon : Click Here to go to Ken McClure's Amazon profile