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Lost Causes

Uncomfortable with the way the rich and powerful keep getting away with things, ex-Special Forces medic Dr Steven Dunbar has left his job with the Sci-Med Inspectorate and now works for a pharmaceutical company. Much against his will, he is persuaded to return when his old boss falls seriously ill and requests that he take a look at something that is disturbing him greatly � the sudden and suspicious deaths of a number of people, including a former health minister who had introduced a new healthcare scheme some years before in the north of England.

Steven makes good progress and is beginning to share his old mentor�s concerns when the UK comes under bio-terrorist attack. A nightmare disease not seen on the streets of Britain for a hundred years is let loose on major cities. Steven is co-opted to help out in what seems destined to become a losing battle against a rampaging infection. He is relieved however, when the police arrest the young Islamic fundamentalists responsible for the attacks, ensuring that there will be no new outbreaks. He is even more pleased when the authorities cautiously claim success in containing the outbreak. But something is not quite right. Steven begins to fear there might be a very real sting in the tail.






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